Mini Nano Water Mist Sprayer Facial Steamer Beauty Spray / Sanitizer Spray
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Product SKU Portable Humidifier Mist Spray
Size (L x W x H) 5 cm x 5 cm x 15 cm
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If Nano spray does not emit fog/can not be used:

① Make sure that the product is fully charged! -How to judge whether there is electricity? When the product lights up, there is electricity. If there is no light, there is no electricity.

② Make sure you use ordinary water instead of essential oil! -If essential oil is used, dilute the ratio of water: essential oil = 20:1; -If using alcohol, please dilute with alcohol below 75° according to the ratio of water: alcohol = 10:1

③ Correct operation steps: Fill it with water → press the switch key → let it spray for a while to expel the air in the product to form a negative pressure (the water in the process is flowing out from the spray port instead of spraying) → after the negative pressure is formed, it can be used normally .


Nano water main function: Deep water moisturizing Reduce Wrinkles increase skin elastic. Deep clean skin, dredge hair follicle, prevent acne. Promote the face blood cycle delay facial skin aging. On a cold, rhinitis symptoms of ease have special effects. Cold spray help cut bags under the eyes, dark circles and fine lines water: please "with Nongfu Spring hundred mountain Evergrande ice fountain with mineral water, can effective regulation acid-base balance and is good for absorbing the as "with high concentration lotion.


1. For Sanitizer use (ONLY USE ALCOHOL FREE)

2. Facial use